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Learning New Things

 I had THE best Life Example in my Dad for the Art of Learning New Things as we get older. At 50 he changed careers - and I don't mean moving laterally from one company to another. Nope. He went back to school, driving for hours through Quebec winter nights- from engineer to teacher. Learned to bake bread and make ice cream for my Mom's cafe (STARTING a cafe in their 60s!). Took up the trombone in his late 60s. Carving rocking horses for his granddaughters in his 70s. Short story, long, he was a life long learner and it struck a chord. (I miss him)

Back in my early computer career pre-internet, I was creating 'movies' using Macromedia's Director. It was a love/hate relationship but I persevered. We even secured some big name contracts from south of the border which was pretty sweet given our rural Nova Scotia location. And then the internet came along and the idea of even TRYING movies was laughable. (can you say "removing individual pixels to hasten uploads"?!?) So I returned to imagery. And loved it. 

Not  entirely surprising then, that I've been highly skeptical, and a bit pissed off to be frank, about the proliferation of video in previously static social media programs. Recently however, I noticed that my own usage was thoroughly enjoying watching artists create...on Youtube AND Instagram Reels... and had to laugh, "Oh. Yah. Hello! Kettle!"

Fast forward to this week when I attempted a time lapse of making a collage. It was fraught with anguish and aggravation not to mention scurrying to find an app that I could work with. (so. many. apps!). But I did it. And it wasn't bad. Given my MacGyver tripod setup, phone microphone, and rudimentary skills. In fact, I was quite chuffed.

I'm not sure where this whole video thing is headed. I'm not interested in doing classes or starting a Youtube channel or monetizing this in ANY way (sorry instagram pundits!) but I had fun (ish). And in the spirit of my Dad, learning new things is always a Good Thing.