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Hover Setting


A new series?


After a class, particularly one as intense as Sketchbook Revival (13 days, 2 classes per day, most an hour each... oof!), it takes me awhile to get back into gear. So I play, with my sketchbooks, with techniques I've learned, with new colour palettes but nothing really "important". Important in this case meaning with intent. Maybe even far reaching.

And all the while, over these last few weeks, I've been using up my print outs for SBR, overprinting with the wonderful photographs shared by Oliver Wasow on instagram (@owasowfoundphotos).

Why you ask? I have no idea. But they excite me!

I've been pondering them...numbering over a dozen now... and I'm thinking they deserve a series of some sort. I'm thinking BIG. As in feet x feet vs inch x inch. Maybe all together? Maybe separately? I just don't know right now. But one thing I do know is it needs to happen. 

And that my friends is the beauty of showing up in the studio every day. Even when the direction is fluid and waffley. Because sometimes things happen without you really even knowing it. 

So. Today. Get in that studio. Play in your sketchbook. Print stuff out. Glue shit down. Make marks. Glob on paint. In colours you don't normally use. Write with sticks. Get messy. Don't overthink it. Just. Play. Maybe today's mess will lead to tomorrow's inspiration.