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December 9, 2022

Sitting with what was and what will be

For many years I cruised through December without a thought to the previous year or what the new year might hold. In fact, I used to make fun of my husband with his lists and retrospectives and plans. And then we started a Solstice tradition...maybe 5 years ago?...of writing our regrets for the year on slips of paper that we'd throw into a fire and watch as they burned away. Highly therapeutic if you want to give it a try! We also write down our wishes for the upcoming year and throw those into a fire on New Year's Eve, sending them into the ether on a hope and a prayer. Again, highly recommended for setting intentions with flair (and flare!)

But I digress.

Since that change, December has become an in-between month, caught between what was and what will be, a No Man's Land of  physically winding down and mentally gearing up. And sometimes it drives me crazy. I thrive on getting things done, crossing To Dos off my list, moving forward, ticking the boxes. I'm way better with the starts of things, even the middle of things but the end of things? Not so much.

As I get older, though, I find sitting in that quiet space of "done" without moving quickly to "what's next!", whilst still not a comfortable place for me, is showing me where my attention, my intentions have been focused and how, if at all, I might want to change that focus.

I love the progress I've made in my art journey this year. I finished two sketchbooks...stay tuned for a Sketchbook Tour!... the most EVER, and have a good start on two more. I feel really comfortable with collage again. As well as abstract landscapes, which kinda blows my mind cuz I never in a million years thought THAT would happen.

I'm still grappling with the marketing side of things. I'm not sure where I want to go with showing or even selling to be honest. And yes, I know I'm lucky that I don't HAVE to sell my work. (Maybe it'd help if I did!) But those are obstacles for another day.

I liked taking some courses, participating in some challenges and making a daily collage, all things I'll likely incorporate in some way next year. But I also feel the need to dig deeper, more focus or longer time frames? I don't know right now, they're still burbling in the background. 

So I'll sit in this in between space and ponder some more about what I liked, what I found satisfying and what was missing or needs some tweaking as I look back on 2022. I hope you find some quiet moments to savour what worked for you this year, too!

And next week, I'll be showing my Sketchbook Tour so don't forget to sign up!


  1. Keep the musings coming! Really enjoy them Jen. Thanks from BC

    1. Thank you, Ruth! Much appreciated. 😊


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