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Hover Setting


Revising History

Revising History’ Artist Statement 

 “He hated confronting those lost moments, being presented with some detail from his past and having to look on it like a stranger. It made his life feel like a made-up thing.” — from Michael Crummey's ‘Sweetland’

Reading these lines led me to explore the concept of memory reliability, the lives we construct, and alternate realities, resulting in my series ‘A Made-Up Life’—meshing perfectly with this show’s theme.

The photos used in this series date to the late 1800s and come from my husband’s aunt, keeper of the family’s genealogy. These characters were often identified with little more than a first name or nickname and are unknown to us, making them ripe to be used in stories. I placed these figures on new landscapes, or isolated them all together, and also used original photos in assemblage pieces, creating a juxtaposition between memory and reality.

Jen Worden is a self-taught mixed-media assemblage artist who makes Wentzell Lake, Nova Scotia, her home and hive of creativity.

Revising History runs from March 26 through April 24, 2022. 
Visit The Ice House Gallery to check hours and to view online.

A Made-Up Life series

Kitty on the Bedford Shore

Girls on Bikes Trilogy - Yellow Stripe

Back of Third Pond Assemblage

Herring Tin Shrine

Yarmouth Light


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