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10 Questions for Artists

I love lists. 

I love lists of questions.

I love making them. I love reading them.

I find we learn a lot about ourselves and others when asked rapid fire, off-the cuff questions to ponder briefly, then answer.

I came up with these 10 questions after watching Stephen Colbert's segment "The Colbert Questionert". Mine, obviously, are directly geared for artists and this'll become an ongoing feature. Because I can!

But it's only fair that I answer "10 Questions for Artists" before subjecting others.

Here are mine:

1. Favourite Artist. Living or dead.

Hands down, Canadian Ojibwa artist, Carl Beam. I first saw his work at the McMichael Collection in Ontario and had an epiphany. Art was more than just pretty pictures in one medium. Some day I hope to be able to capture his raw passion in my art.

2. What's one thing n your studio you REALLY should throw out?

ONE thing? All the itty bitty scraps of wood I saved from our house build. Boxes full. I mean not in a thousand lifetimes would I be able to use every. single. saved. bit!

3. Best studio snack. (creative nutrition is important!)

I am not a snacker. And I don't snack in my studio. So. Water?

4. Favourite studio smell.

No brainer! Warmed wax!

5. Least favourite studio smell.

Oh! That funky paint mixed with medium mixed with soap smell from my paint jars. After a week they are RANK!

 6. Most used art related app on your phone.

Besides Instagram? Definitely Snapseed!

7. Top song in the studio.

I love The Trews "In the Morning" (with Serena Ryder). Bittersweet. It's my jam!

8. Favourite art-related author, podcast(er), YouTuber.

A perfect tie between Anne Lamott (Bird by Bird) and Steven Pressfield (The War of Art). I re-read them annually.

9. Least favourite part of art-making.

SELLING!! I wish somebody would swoop into my studio and take #allthethings and send me a cheque. For all you patrons out there? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

10. Describe THE thing that would make you think: "I've Made It."

A gallery owner that comes to ME and asks for a solo show. Yep. That'd pretty much be nirvana for me.

Okay. So there you have it. The 10 Questions for Artists. And my answers.

If YOU would like to answer these and be featured ...your choice of photos plus a paragraph pumping whatever you'd like to pump... please let me know!

Have a good week, folks!