Find the Questions!

After last week's whinging sesh ...and while thinking about content for the February(?!) newsletter... it suddenly came to me: "marketing" need not mean selling. Marketing could mean sharing. And why the hell hadn't I thought of that before?! *face palm* I've, since, been thinking about questions. Because I do believe that Capital "A" Art answers the world's big questions. Or at least tries. Because for time immortal, it is the artists that respond to what's going on around them and ask those deep, sometimes dark, questions.

An excerpt from my journal:

"Having an idea is wonderful. There is excitement and engagement in exploring the "NEW"."

Alas. The thrill is temporary. Even if it results in good work. It doesn't result in GREAT work. Why? Well. I think because it is stationary. A point in time. And the very best work is a conversation between the artist and viewer. At the very least, it should be a narrative creating a map for viewers to follow along, ideally reaching the same, or similar, end point as the artist.

Too high falutin?
Maybe. But it sure is something to aspire to.

So. I've been pondering questions. 

There are simple ones like: How did I make this? What is going on around me? What am I thinking about? Hmmm. Though these may be closer to an Artist after the fact... than during or even before sitting down to create. Or how about: What do I want (you) to feel when looking at this? Oooo! Even better: Why Does This Matter To Me? 

If those were top of mind as I create, I think my work can only get stronger. If I can answer them through the resulting art, there should be a reasonable, clear story to follow and while the viewer may refute my conclusion, well then ...maybe...  they'll come up with some really good questions of their own.

Do you ask questions while you create?
Do you have any favourite ones?
Please tell me!

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