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The in-between

When I finish one project and before I jump into another, that space of in-between-ness is a place I ponder. Often. Sometimes it feels uncomfortable like an itchy wool sweater Grandma knit, so you can't get rid of it but it gives you hives. Every. Single. Time. And you wear it. Because you're nice and don't want to disappoint. Hmmm. Maybe too far down THAT metaphor!

So in an artist's life the in-between becomes a time to tidy up the studio ...has to happen some time, right? Or get some admin stuff done. The unspoken but vital chores that every creative has to tend to ...packing/mailing, invoices, website/marketing. All those behind the scenes stuff that allows the ART to continue to be made. Or. Maybe. It's where the magic happens. When tidying and packing and pondering promotions or shows, when the brain is occupied but not fully engaged, it allows for the subconscious some R&R *while* picking at the edges of  "What Comes Next".

One of my favourite in-between activities ...after the tidy up because I'm one of those crazy organized people who can't quite rest if my brushes aren't clean and paint (read: detritus) put away... is to grab some paper (usually saved from Amazon boxes truth-be-told) and Make Marks. Actually. No capitals. Just some fun, get my fingers dirty, play with shapes and paint and markers and all the stuff I put into my "Stencil" Box. Like sequin waste (you know, the dotless shiny stuff sold as "ribbon" at the craft store) and spent tape rounds and onion bag mesh and broken stamp pads.

I use the paper to cover the re-purposed boxes for mailing (mostly Amazon. we're best buds. :) ) From the sound of my mail folks they seem to appreciate not seeing yet another brown box, white envelope pass through there space. And I hope whoever has purchased work from me appreciates another little personalized touch. And if not, well. I had fun playing!