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Hover Setting


Summer Revamp

One of my 2019 goal/intentions was to "Get Serious About My Art". Whatever the hell that means.

What it meant for me was to put some of my work in a Bricks and Mortar gallery (check)
rebooting my Newsletter (check)
and a revamp to this website with a focus on selling (check).

Thing is? I missed talking about my art process. Or even just my life. Go figure!

So after a friend mentioned this site was wonky (aka links not working) I set about fixing that. Which made me rethink what I'm trying to accomplish here. And what I discovered is not only I am THE worst sales person for my own artwork. (cuz frankly? I'd prefer to give it away or burn it rather than have to get all "buy buy buy" up in your face) but I also missed ...I mean seriously pined for... writing about stuff:

  • How testy a particular piece is being.
  • Or how freaking excited I am that a technique worked out.
  • Or just how damned cute my dogs are. I mean. Come on. Just look at them!

I  thoroughly enjoy sharing art techniques and processes or what my latest thoughts are on my current series or art in (as Neal Stephenson refers to it in "Fall; or Dodge in Hell") the Miasma.
So. Blogging may be dead but THIS one is back.

Oh. And for sure I will still try to sell stuff from here (aka the website) and I will still put out newsletters though not as often (you're welcome!).
But more chat and less BUY! BUY! BUY!

So if you have any questions ... art related or not ... just holler!