• Queen of the Castle

    Sometimes the very thing that hooked you on a photo ...or painting, area, house, life event... is the thing you need to let go of. Such was the case in this original photo of Tom's mom.

    I love that damn dog.
    Sadly. It just didn't end up working for this piece.

    Sorry Pup. Another time perhaps.

    Details include backward text from my daughter's calculus book which somehow (hello! Tom!) managed its way to the new house. Fitting given his mom had a Master's in Mathematics. Another bit I love is the circle texture (from sequin waste) juts through the wax. Yum!

    Queen of the Castle

    14 1/2"w x 11 1/4"h
    Plaster and gesso on plywood, handmade cradle board
    Scanned photo on paper, acrylic paint, wax medium

    Available through ARGYLE FINE ART GALLERY in Halifax, NS


    354 Sarty Road RR2 . New Germany
    Nova Scotia . Canada


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