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Hover Setting


In Dreams We Enter A World Entirely Our Own

This piece was actually created back in 2017 as an exploration after an online plaster and wax class I took. It sat waiting for my new studio to be functional before it was fully finished. The colour palette was close to a series I was working on. As my inner monkeys mulled around the notion of what we show to the world vs what is hidden, I came across Dumbledore's quote:
"For in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own. Let them swim in the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud."
and I realized it had to be part of the "What Has Been Carefully Hidden series. 

In Dreams We Enter A World Entirely Our Own

20 1/2"w x 13"h
Plaster and gesso on plywood, handmade cradle board
Scanned photo on paper, acrylic paint, wax medium

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