• Home. Wish You Were Here.

    Last summer I went on an Epic cross-country journey. It was amazing. Every night (almost) staying in a different location soaking in local culture and landscapes. Each and every place we visited, folks couldn't wait to share how awesome their home town was.

    On my return I kept pondering this duality ... the excitement of the New and Different while travelling, alongside this passion for where we choose to make our home.

    Home. Wish You Were Here 

    I'm creating a project that will include input (I hope!) from YOU about why you think the place you call HOME is pretty darned amazing.

    HOW: Send me a postcard featuring your home town with a line or two about what is so special about your HOME.

    Want to go a step further? Create a postcard from a photo you've taken describing what makes your heart sing about HOME and send it to me.

    DEADLINE: In my hands by SEPTEMBER 15, 2017.

    SEND TO:

    Jen Worden
    273 Sarty Road RR2
    New Germany, Nova Scotia
    Canada B0R 1E0

    I hope to get a card from YOU!

    Please share, far and wide. The more, the merrier!


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    354 Sarty Road RR2 . Wentzell Lake
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