well it sounded perfectly normal in MY head

Part of working alone ... spending a lot of time alone ...  sometimes what sounds amazingly cool and lucid, crystal clear in MY head loses something in translation.

So it was with my last post. (thanks for the heads up Tom!)

I think the first part ... was generally understood:
  1. Home is important to me. Check
  2. Two convergent things (designing/class) have made me get clear on exactly what that means to me. Check
  3. The theme "home" or "house" continues to pop up in my art work. Check
Where I seemed to lose people was on the excitement (and my Big/Weighty comment on FB) of the last bit. It actually was more of an "Aha!" for me, I suppose and I was just sharing that I'd found the elusive connective thread for all this work that is piling up around here.

Sorry about that.
Carry on! :D

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