Throw back Thursday #TBT

My friend Miss Katie, made an observation the other day about a collaboration we did "back in the day" which got me thinking about collaborations in general and this one, specifically.

Started by long time online friend Judah, Freakwerkx manifested over many different platforms over the years. It has languished on FB most recently, but at the time of this project was squeaky clean with that brand-new group scent.

mmmmm. breathe it in!

Collaborative art groups online often comprise of  "the usual suspects" along with new-to-you (and me) folks keeping things cozy but interesting. Y'know? Like a good dinner party, enough known with just the right hint of mystery. As many of the Freakwerkx folk were unknown to me, I guess maybe *I* was the mystery.

And so this project was about getting to know each other ... The Self-Portrait Zine. Everyone made a self-portrait and answered some questions, sent everything to me and I colour-copied each portrait and the list of questions/answers and bound them using old Bingo cards for the covers. Each person received their very own "Getting to Know You" zine.

Have you participated in an art collaboration? What was your favourite?

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