I've thoroughly embraced "the many". Not that I didn't work on multiple pieces at once before. Because drying time. Hello? I am nothing if not an impatient artist! But I think my current roster of 'works in progress' goes well beyond 2 or 3 at a time!

Here then are the pieces I've been working on as I add to The Daily Painting ...well, each day! (and if you haven't checked it out recently. Go. Now!)

I started this during Grit and Grace and have been working on it since. Pretty sure the bald-headed dude is a spirit guide. As is the dog. Not sure what's up with the rooster/chicken mask. Trickster Guide, perhaps?

This one is on wood and you can see the transformation from the very gestural beginnings to its current Fox & Bird stage.

Here's another that continues to ebb and flow. A re-purposed canvas that I'd been experimenting on so it already had a ton of texture before I even started. As you can see from the larger image below, it's still very much in transition. Those are hunks of cardboard from The Daily Painting being attached at the top and bottom being held with clamps while the glue dries.

"Keep that dog running" pertains to Elizabeth Gilbert's assessment that creative energy, which is NOT benign, needs to be focused. In all ... for all... our best interests! Can I get a "hell yeah!"?

And finally, another wood substrate that I've just started. I'm working on the premise of  'paint-paper-paint-paper-scrape-repeat'. I painted the bare wood base with 'staining' colours. Most of Golden's fluids work but I'm particularly fond of the trilogy of Quin Gold/Quin Crimson/Pthalo Turquoise. Then a myriad of glued elements ...old envelopes and writing paper. A swath of gesso. Then scraped and sanded. Some more paint ...I love grabbing a mixture of paint from my palette with a credit card and dragging it along the surface. I don't pre-mix so depending on how I drag, the colour comes out in lines - some mixed, some adjacent. A new line each time. Love! It is now waiting for me to add another layer of paper. I'm hoping to keep this abstract but really who knows?!


  1. The rooster fox one would be a nice one for our bedroom. Willing to sell it?


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