Throw Back Thursday

For many years January was "make something for the 100 Artists Show" month.I'm not sure how I managed to get on Mary Lou Zeek's mailing list but I'm so glad I did. Each year, she'd send us a unique item which we'd have to incorporate into our submission ... an empty box, collaborative letter even a tin can. Further all monies were donated to a different charity or unique cause. 

2006: Shrines to the Environment.  Wood box with door. "REcycle"

2007: Shelters. Wooden house-shaped box. "Comforts of Home"

2008: What's Inside.Wood Box. "What's Inside"

2010: Nourish And Sustain. Beans in a Tin Can. "Teach a Man to Fish"

2012: The Art of Communication. Letter from collaborating artist. "The Art of Communication is NOT Lost"

I kinda miss it.

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Lisa Griffen said...

Can't believe I never made it to one of these shows. Clearly I missed out! Great pieces.

Just Jen said...

It was an amazing show. Artists from every genre, from just beginning to seasoned vets. A really great one to be part of!

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