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Hover Setting


The exercises - Grit and Grace

A large part of this course, Grit and Grace far... is the warm-up exercises; setting intention for the artmaking session through exploration of materials and substrates as well as one's mental state prior to launching into something more substantial.

There have been many times during my own art practice where I've had a certain goal or project in mind only to land at my worktable underwhelmed. In the past my habit was to leave if things weren't going my way or connecting with that previously held intention. Off I'd go to "Wait for the Muse".

But I'm now accumulating techniques and new practices to put in place should I need a jumpstart. Further, having numerous *types* of projects going at once will help get over that blocked energy. Granted more space may be required. I am mulling over the options!

One of the most fun aspects of these experimental exercises, is the unexpected messages or shapes, forms that show up. As much of this is done with little premeditation... letting the flow take over ...focusing on one's body or a word or a feeling... all kinds of juicy stuff ends up on the page.

Like the photos above, this was a pieced together substrate using ink for the initial mark making. It  went all over the place with a bird's head being the centerpiece. But it wasn't until I grabbed a piece this bit of text that the piece went into overdrive:

The words 'hostile' and 'indifferent' really stood out to me. I wrote them under the bird head, grinding the letters with watersoluble oil pastels. The mood was dark and brooding. So be it, I thought.
I re-read Kubrick's words and "our own light" jumped out. Using first white and then yellow, I wrote the word above the bird head. And then my hands just did their own thing, bringing light into the entire piece. Even the bird looks like he's smiling!

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