Can you call it a Road Trip ...

... if you take a plane?
Some Place, Wales UK. Courtesy of Norma Jean Worden-Rogers
  1. Heading off this week. Back at the end of May.
  2. I'd hoped to do a Give Away before my departure. It'll have to wait until my return.
  3. I'll be selling the Herring Tin Shrines then too.
  4. I have an overwhelming feeling of foreboding. I hope it will lift as we board the plane.
  5. I miss Stella already. I'm so pathetic. *sigh*
  6. It is 20C outside today. And sunny. Figures.
  7. I'll be posting on Instagram (meadowoodjen) if you want to follow along.
  8. It will SO wonderful to see DD who will be vacationing with us.
  9. I'm a bit too excited about visiting The Jack Russell Inn.
  10. So ready for greeeeen!!
Back in 2 weeks y'all. Be good while I'm gone!


Catherine said...

ok..that didn't work. Just a note to say have a wonderful trip - no worries. If you have a chance go to Bodnant - exhilarating! will look forward to your photos. xoxoxox

Just Jen said...

Thanks for the recomm, Catherine. I didn't get quite that far north ... in Wales or England. Was entranced with the parts of Wales I did see however. xo

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