more tins

...  continue to pile up on the stairs (placed there to be taken up to the studio) and I'm creating shrines as fast as I can!

This one kinda got away from me ...

I'm gonna let it ride though. Because it's all about the process. Right?!? Actually it doesn't look quite so ..erm.. dark in the photo as it is in Real Life. But trust me it is. And very rough. My main bugbear is the 3 top bits which really felt awesome when I first attached them. (remember the wip? it kinda worked!) But then the bits fell off when I was doing other stuff and had to be reattached and it was messy and so I tried to make that part of the overall feel and well, then it  got REAL messy. Messed up and funky.

Live and Learn.
Let's move on shall we?

So I went C.L.E.A.N. on the next one...

Serendipity at work here. I'm a huge multitasker and was doing some plaster casting in between waiting for herring tin things to dry, had some leftover plaster and dumped it into one of the tins sitting on my table. The starting place for this one. I gouged into it. Then painted. I'm kinda loving it. The "wings" I've had forever. I bought a metric buttload from Lee Valley yonks ago and I'm down to my last few. The hanging focal was a test using some crackle product I got atop a photo wrapped with copper tape and soldered ... a dirt simple way of creating a faux bezel.

And then back to a bit more of an aged (busy?) look...

To me the sum of this one's parts totally make it a strong piece. Something about the whole eye in the triangle thing (aka Eye of Providence) maybe? Coincidence that I just finished reading Dan Brown's Lost Symbol (fyi. don't bother. it kinda sucked!)? Probably not. We are sponges, we artists. (and hence the reason we should be very very careful when getting cranky about copyright. but that's a whole other rant for another day!) Anyway. I like how this one turned out.

More to come... two are almost done.
 And still more tins on the stairs!


  1. Very cool Jen!!! Really liking the plaster work!! I took Stephanie's plaster class a few yrs back and I have yet to dive into what I learned. Great stuff though!!

    1. Thanks so much Carla. Plaster is pretty awesome. It lends itself so well to all kinds of applications!