Assemblage Challenge - Curious Stirrings

Just finished up Denise's Assemblage Challenge. It took a very interesting twist.
First, here's a look at the goodies she sent me way back in July:

And I made this box ... this figure:
... and then It just stalled. I wasn't too concerned. These things happen and part of my caveat with the Assemblage Challenge is NO TIME FRAME. So I shelved it and proceeded with other projects. Oh sure it niggled in the background but other things ...shiny things...  took precedent.

Part of my discontent was the path I'd taken was so cute, so... precious and if you know me at all these are two words NEVER used to describe me. Or my work. 

And I really wanted to do right by grrl ... a bit of backstory may be in order.
As with most of my artist friends, I'd "met" grrl online. But I also got a chance to meet her in the flesh. At Art Fest 2008. And maybe one of my few regrets is that I didn't shove my feelings of being overwhelmed aside and somehow tell her, "Hey! I think you're awesome! And we need to hang out. Now!" But I didn't. I simply hunkered down and swooned from the row behind her. I still have a girl-crush on Her Most Splendiferous Self so, yah. Really REALLY wanted to nail this challenge.

Cute? Precious? SOOOOO not gonna cut it.

Fast forward a few months and I noticed grrl hadn't been posting. As she was a pretty regular contributor ...on FB ...on her blog ... I contacted her. I'm so glad I did. Because Lo! and Behold! she'd been transitioning. And it was Good. And made so much sense.

And I immediately went back to her work-in-progress. One of the bits she sent ...the words "curious stirrings" embedded in resin ... JUMPED out at me. And the piece fell into place. It feels deep. Redolent of "meaning".

I present ... Curious Stirrings
Interior will remain unshown until Denise receives it. I hope she likes it!


Ironmom (Julie) said...


Just Jen said...

It was a very interesting process, Julie. And why I continue to do these challenges. With each one I learn so much!

Denise Litchfield said...

Resin is so close to my heart, you totally got that. I can't believe those warm words you said about me - and yes I'm transitioning - long story, but thanks for the link love too.

I guess we all remain the same inside though, and I am so blessed to have known you from the bloggy world. Funny how we can eventually meet across the other side of the world.
Glad you eyeballs came - could think of no other person (apart from Seth, who took a generous handful away with I'm when we met last year) that would do them the honour they deserve.

And more hilarious even is that your assemblage is a little closet, which is exactly what I'm coming-out of as a clairvoyant.

OK, so if you ever need to talk to any relatives who have passed on, I'm ya gal, OK because I see dead people these days.

Lisa Purcell said...


Just Jen said...

I have a feeling other things will be revealed when you see it in person, Denise. This was heavily ... POWERFULLY... guided my friend.

And yes ... the eyeballs ROCK. They haven't spoken to me yet though the containers are prickly. Time will tell. Time tells all! xo

Just Jen said...

Thanks Lisa. It was an other worldly creation! :)

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