Art Challenge?

So. Longtime readers/followers of my website may recollect I used to do a Weekly Art Challenge and I've been thinking of reinstating it. The idea would be I would come up with an idea/prompt/goal and set a specific time period to complete the task. I would post my finished piece and (maybe) randomly distribute said piece. But I need some input from you.

  1.   Does the idea of an Art Challenge interest you?  
  2.  Would a Weekly or Monthly time frame work best for you?
  3.  Which appeals to you more ... website? Facebook Group? FB Page?
  4.  Would having a random draw at the end add incentive to participate?
Please comment below and share with anyone else you think might be interested in this idea. Depending on your input, I'll shoot to start in February.

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Lisa Purcell said...

A monthly time frame. A facebook page would appeal to me. Distribute is a definite motivator. Making the prompt something that is two-dimensional is very appealing.

Jorin said...

Art challenges interests me, yes. I love to see what others do with a prompt or a theme. Weekly or monthly - both is OK for me. I'm not at fb, so website (or both). Examples and random drawing are inspiring, I like them.

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