Two Things

1. The Make'n'Trade at The Blockhouse School went well. Nine people (including moi) got their ATC makin' on; three of whom were creating in a public environ for the first time. I hope they enjoyed themselves. I know I did.

And we're doing it again. So if you're local ... join us won't you?

2. I'm working on Lisa's Stuff for the Assemblage Challenge. I've finished the first part and am moving onto the second. So far. So good!


  1. I am getting so excited Jen. I can't wait to see what you make. I wish I were local, I would have been at that ATC play date with bells on. I love the art that was created. Maybe one day I will make it to one. The world is a small place, you never know. Thank you for issuing that challenge. It is cool to be a part of your process.

    1. Lisa! I'm done and will be sending your Assemblage Challenge on Monday. I hope you like it! :D