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    I was able to wrap up two things today.
    The first was 10 Teeny Things ... all sent out and winging their way west and south. I hope the participants enjoy the contents. Once they've arrived I'll post full photos of all their hard work. Amazing stuff!

    I also found (constructed actually) a large enough box for Julie's assemblage. I hope SHE likes it and her family don't find it too weird. For what it's worth Julie? I reigned in my weird as much as I could! lol

    Now I'm moving on to my next Assemblage Challenge.... Lisa's stuff!

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      1. :)
        Upacking Tip: Place "face front" down (aka the opposite to the "this side up" on the front) ... use scissors or a box cutter to get through the bubblewrap and peel away. There is little on the back that you can damage ... but a whole lot on the front.

        *crossing fingers* it makes it in one piece!

    2. Jen, you are awesome!



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