July 28, 2014

10 Teeny Things

This is the third in my "Things" swaps and was prompted by a friend seeing the 20Things Zine (pictured below) and wanting IN!

Assembly of 20Things Zine
20Things Zine (fin)
While I'm generally always up for a swap, the idea of gathering 20 artists (read: herding cats ... in the most LOVING way!) was daunting so decided that maybe Ten Things was in the realm of possiblity. And ten TEENY things might be a really cool challenge. Not to mention less postage for everyone. You would THINK at least! (apparently CanadaPost has a minimum size and charges MORE for it. Go. Fucking. Figure!)

Received and distributed (and received) here are the amazing contributions for 10 Teeny Things (2014)!

Windi Rosson - www.wrosson.com/
Amy McDonald
Bobbi Studstill - www.cobaltika.com/
Corinne Stubson - www.glitz-oh.com/
For Catherine Withrow
Judah Noah - JudahNoahArt
Lani Gerity - lanipuppetmaker.blogspot.ca/
Lauren Blair
Tricia Anders -www.patriciaanders.com/
Assembly of 10 Teeny Things

10 Teeny Things (fin)

Each and every "thing" was a sweet mini treat. The artists involved always step up but this one was such a challenge - elements had to fit within a small matchbox - I was so thrilled with the level of ingenuity and creativity that each person brought to the table. I love you all to bits!! xo


  1. So much fun!!!
    Jen is the best!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. It really was! Thanks for visiting Tara! :)

  3. Love this - love to see everyone's contribution.

    1. Thanks Carol. It was a really fun swap. I love it when a plan comes together. :)

  4. This is going to be some teeny tiny ride
    which I'm going to thoroughly enjoy watching from afar !
    ... matchbox ? geesh.

    1. heh. I like challenges! and it was an awesome swap. the participants surpassed themselves!


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