February 6, 2014


Right now I am working concurrently on 5 assemblages. My table is a tad crowded with heads and boxes and extraneous bits of detritus picked out of boxes and containers to sit beside each pile of  "the sea" or "sorrow ...who is quietly though adamantly demanding to be Our Lady of Sorrow NOT Angel of...dammit!" or "light".

My brain seems to work best when pondering multiple projects at a time. Less down time as I finish one, I find. It has taken the better part of a week to get back into the studio after Mr. Fox was sent on his merry way.

So. I'm issuing my Art Assemblage Challenge again. Remember: No Time Frame!

How it works:
  1. YOU send me a box of stuff. In the past I've received an old bicycle seat, valves from a musical instrument, glass box, mirrors, computer boards, wooden hand, doll head, metal ball.
  2. I will create something for you out of your stuff. You will receive it when it's done. My gift.
  3. There is no time frame.
  4. I  keep the remains of your stuff.
Sound like a plan? Then send me some stuff!


  1. ... wondering if my contribution could include some {{{{ cloth }}}} ?
    Perhaps this might be different from our collab discussions and if it is, am thinking I'd like to send you some stuff ;>]]

  2. Replies
    1. ahahahahaha! have you ever seen my mummified cat?? for real.

  3. Ok, I'm loading the shipping container as we speak... no kid - what's your addy?


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