meme for the win

sometimes a meme hits you with a clue by four and becomes something oh! so much more than passing time on the interwebs.

case in point. longtime art friend Jane aka Sensewerks posted this on her FB status:

This is a game to keep art alive and thriving. If you 'like' the picture, I'll assign you an artist. It doesn't matter whether you know the artist or his/her work. Look him/her up on the internet and publish the one you like best, here, on facebook.
I thought, "okay. might be interesting."
She assigned me Yayoi Kusama, who I'm sad to say, had never heard of until that minute. And I fell headlong down the rabbit hole. This write up was particularly lovely I think. And makes me wish I could walk into this:
Infinity Mirrored Room- Filled with the Brilliance of Life
 So. In accordance with general meme rulez, I posted and fulfilled all the 20+ "likes". And because I like making things more difficult for myself, decided to assign Canadian artists. Cuz I'm all about spreading that Canuck love.  And it was good.

Here, for good measure, the artists I chose for my friends, and my faves:

Lawren Harris ... my mom did a fabric piece base on this painting back in the 70s!

Carl Beam ... the start of my love of mixed media

Emily Carr

Alex Colville

Benjamin Chee Chee ... we owned a print of this a long long time ago

Norval Morrisseau

Aganetha Dyck ... uhm. swoon!

Maud Lewis ... and not just because I own it ;)

Paul-Emile Borduas

Harold Town

Holly Carr ... and Nova Scotia to boot!

A.Y. Jackson

Tom Thomson ... this and AY's above may be the first 2 pieces of art I recognized as "Canadian" when I was a kid.

Mary Pratt

Jeff Wall

Rodney Graham

Edward Burtynsky

Fred Herzog 

Rosalie Favell

Thanks for playing along facebook friends! xo

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