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I Need to Make Things Even if Nobody Cares

January 8, 2019

In Dreams We Enter A World Entirely Our Own

  • January 08, 2019

This piece was actually created back in 2017 as an exploration after an online plaster and wax class I took. It sat waiting for my new studio to be functional before it was fully finished. The colour palette was close to a series I was working on. As my inner monkeys mulled around the notion of what we show to the world vs what is hidden, I came across Dumbledore's quote:
"For in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own. Let them swim in the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud."
and I realized it had to be part of the "What Has Been Carefully Hidden series. 

In Dreams We Enter A World Entirely Our Own

20 1/2"w x 13"h
Plaster and gesso on plywood, handmade cradle board
Scanned photo on paper, acrylic paint, wax medium

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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I'mJen Worden

Maker of Things

The little details, the subtle nuance.
How we feel, what we see and smell and hear.
The distant call of a crow.
The feel of the Spring sun on our face as we emerge from the dark, cold winter.
These are the experiences and layers that interest me.

Because everything is connected to everything.

Our stories may be different but why we tell them is the same.
To feel connected and loved.
To be heard.

Through layers of wax and plaster, paint and photographs.
With rusty nails and found objects and wire.
These are my stories.

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