Delight Me! The Jade Dog Challenge

April 01, 2015

To recap ... artist friend Christi asked me to join the Spring challenge posted by Darcy Horn of The Jade Dog and I received my bag of mandatory goodies ...

Initially I thought I would make an assemblage but when I got out the sketchbook, this is what happened...

But first I had to get the polymer cab and those rudraksha beads to a more harmonious colour palette. I'm sure there is a rule NOT to alter the bead colour but hey! I'm an artist and if  something doesn't work I throw paint on it!

Lots of niggly bits. The skull needed something more solid so I fashioned a small bezel and filled with Diamond Glaze, plopping the skull on for good measure.

Drilling, wiring, figuring out crimping (my DD had all the beading tools and how-to books!). More drilling, gluing, a tooth here, a bone there and voila ...  I present "Delight Me! A necklace".

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