• Plaster and Wax

    Plaster and Wax

    The use of plaster on wood as a substrate allows for much textural exploration, from the troweling of the plaster itself to inscribing into it when dry. Adding beeswax medium over everything also offers the opportunity for more mark making.

    Often a particular image will get my process started and all marks and subsequent additions, from image transfers, text, stencils, to inscribed circles, lines, words flow from that starting point. Further I work in reasonably large series ...4,5 even 10 pieces at a time... each piece relating to the next. I find this allows me to explore big, thorny questions, thoughts, concerns, subjects and even though each work can stand on its own, there is a communal thread throughout all the pieces.

    And because I've been asked, "Well, can't your work be called encaustic?" I don't categorize it as such, simply because even though I do use beeswax mixed with damar resin aka encaustic medium, I apply it only as a top finish layer. Semantics, perhaps!

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