• Assemblage

    There is something intensely satisfying about taking what other people might deem as junk
     and repurposing it into art. Not to mention giving me an excuse to pocket yet another rusty tidbit of roadside metal. Discovering, or perhaps, uncovering, just the right 'je ne sais quoi' to complement a work in progress is much like constructing a jigsaw puzzle...many pieces could be close but only one will be the perfect fit.

    I like to work in series. It allows me to explore a larger idea through multiple pieces, as with Angels. Sometimes the series may be much looser, such as Shrines or a particular construction element, as in the Herring Tin series, may be the thread that binds them all together.

    My thought process on how to connect this to that is less forgiving than being able to start over with a wash of gesso, as a result I often have assemblage works in progress at the same time as I'm working with 2-dimensional pieces. This keeps my "ooh shiny" brain happy!

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    354 Sarty Road RR2 . New Germany
    Nova Scotia . Canada


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