Welcome to JJWorden

Heyyyy! You found me!
Yah. Okay. So that ← actually isn't me.

And you likely won't find many photos of me here cuz, well, this is about my ART not my face. Ya know? Well ...okay...  maybe more than just art. Sometimes I rant. Sometimes I rail ... rale?  Nope. Rail. I just looked it up. But taking selfies? Not my thing man. And that. Right there. Just aged me. I also have a tendency to ramble. Occasionally it might make sense.

Oh. Geez. This isn't a Very Good Introduction is it?

Should I start again? Yah. Prolly. (which I know is spelled wrong. it's for E.F.F.E.C.T.)

Hi. I'm Jen Worden.
Mixed media and assemblage artist from Rural Nova Scotia (that's in Canada, eh?)

And this is my website.

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