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The Back Story

Art has always been a part of my life.
From my earliest grade school illustrated stories to creating Christmas cards while my babies slept.

In the mid-90s, my husband and I founded a web design company at the dawn of the interwebs. Having never been a fan of computers,  it was a surprise to both of us that I flourished in this new information age. Along with commercial work, I had many personal projects that allowed my creativity to soar ... Zema Junction, Olio and later Flawed (the precursor to Urban Dictionay).

But as the 90s moved into the 00s, my interest began to wane with this digital experience and I longed to get back to the less ephemeral, more tactile art experience. I discovered collaborative websites like Nervousness and Postcrossing. And in 2004, when I took the challenge of Art By the Inch ... well as they say... the rest is history and I've following this path ever since.

Below you will find two galleries ... one of my latest work and the other of past work.
If there is anything specific you'd like to see or talk about, please feel free to Contact Me!
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