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I Need to Make Things Even if Nobody Cares

June 2, 2019

I See You

  • June 02, 2019

Over the last number of weeks I've been playing with Ravens and Crows.
They seem to be very popular as I had a running list of folks that asked for an update once they were ready.

I have another half dozen in the works but they are destined for a new endeavor, Terre Arts, by my dear friend Bridgette Guerzon Mills. You really should check it out!

In the meantime, here's the one remaining survivor waiting to wing his (or her?) way to you!

I See You 

Tip to tip: 14" x 5 1/2"h
Hand-cut metal head, found wood wings, magnifying mirror, aluminium tape
Ready to Hang

$85. includes shipping.


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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I'mJen Worden

Maker of Things

The little details, the subtle nuance.
How we feel, what we see and smell and hear.
The distant call of a crow.
The feel of the Spring sun on our face as we emerge from the dark, cold winter.
These are the experiences and layers that interest me.

Because everything is connected to everything.

Our stories may be different but why we tell them is the same.
To feel connected and loved.
To be heard.

Through layers of wax and plaster, paint and photographs.
With rusty nails and found objects and wire.
These are my stories.

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354 Sarty Road RR2 . Wentzell Lake
Nova Scotia . Canada