7 Jan 2014

playing around

I have two "go to's" when I'm procrastinating or feeling particularly down on myself.

The first is waaaay more destructive ...intense focus on what a slob/failure/fat fuck I am... and I am happy to say that I fall down THAT particular hole way less than I used to. My usual time for that particular self-flagellation is at 4a.m.. Which in and of itself is telling because I am a Good Sleeper. I have many other ..erm issues... but not sleeping ain't one of them. If I can't sleep, well it's because I've entered giant sloth mode and I kind of deserve a)not to be sleeping and b)to light a fire under my butt. The DIFFERENCE between self-flagellation of yore wherein I would fall down the hole and BELIEVE what I was telling myself vs my current state of mind where I can recognize it as the kick in the ass it really is.

The second mode of procrastination and tends toward not making art when I really really really NEED to make art, is to redo my website. Because in the past it was a legitimate expression of  creation. Oh. Not to say it still isn't "legitimate"  it's just that well, I don't DO websites anymore. So it's more synonymous with cleaning the bathroom (ha! like that'd ever happen!) or re-organizing the studio (ha! OF COURSE that happens!) when what I really really really need to do is get my hands dirty. With paint. Or [fill in the blank].

The downside of redoing websites ...this one in particular... is that my Jack Russell brain can't let it go. I have to frig around and frig around and frig around until I mash it into whatever mold I currently have in mind. Sad fact is though my web skillz are less than they once used to be so I spend an inordinate amount of time looking for pre-created solutions rather than just taking the time to LEARN what I need to know.

urg. My brain drives me nuts sometimes!

After 3 days of mucking around, wasting time, not to mention actually DREAMING about coding, (can't remember the last time THAT happened) I think I'm ready to hang up the keyboard and actually get back to work.

But first ... look at these pretty girls!


  1. whoooooosh, it's lookin' pretty dang slick over here, girlie, nice job! And that photo is a beaut ;>]
    May I mention one tiny downfall? The text color is a tad on the pale side for me weary old eyes ... 'tween the font, size, and color, I really had to struggle. Saw-wee. But I love EVERYTHING ELSE!!

    1. Thanks Lady! And never be sorry about constructive criticism! I've changed the font size and colour. Our eyes need all the break they can get. :)